Out and About

13 Jan

This isn’t my house…

Today was our first time ever taking Lucy out, other than walks around the neighborhood or trips to the pediatrician’s office.  Our friend T. had us, and our friend O. and her family, over for brunch for her to-die-for waffles, along with eggs, sausage and bacon (actually, turkey sausage and turkey bacon, which was surprisingly good and bacon-y).  This totally hit the spot — as I mentioned previously I lurrrve breakfast foods and adore going out to brunch but I haven’t done so since pre-Lucy.

T. has a daughter who will be 2 in March, and O. has a 4-year-old son and a son who will be 2 in April, and a baby girl on the way!  T. and O. exclaimed over how tiny Lucy is, and Hubs and I had fun watching the other kids play and thinking about what it will be like when Lucy is able to run around with them.

T. also made her killer red velvet cake and I got to blow out my candle.


Because 33 candles is a fire hazard.

Hubs and I were admittedly nervous about our first excursion with Lucy, but this was a good way to get our feet wet (baby steps, so to speak).  Soon enough we will be out and about with her all the time, so we need to get used to it!  Among other things, I start Mommy & Me classes in three weeks, which I’m sure will be fodder for future posts.

Time to watch the Golden Globes.  Normally I don’t care, but who can resist Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as co-hosts?


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