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Out On the Town

31 Jan

Today I went on my first real outing with Lucy, without Hubs!  I met up for lunch at the Grove with a fabulous fellow mama who I met on a Facebook group for mamas who all went to our same college, and her beautiful daughter who’s a few months older than Lucy.  When we got to talking today, we realized that we had known each other a little bit in college too through a volunteer project at a local school.

I admit I was nervous this morning getting ready to leave the house.  I was super paranoid about whether I had everything I needed in the diaper bag (which I checked about 5 times — mind you, I was only out of the house for about 2 1/2 hours!) and I get a bit skittish driving with Lucy.  On top of that I felt a little like I was going on a blind date (will she like me?!)


Lucy getting ready for our outing

Luckily, all my worries were unfounded and we had a lovely time.  I also learned a couple of great tips:  1) There is an awesome “family room” at the Grove on the 1st level of the parking structure, complete with an actual padded changing table!  (Thank goodness because the restaurant had nothing resembling a changing table…)  2)  When Lucy starts melting down because she’s tired, she will stop fussing and zonk out when placed back in her stroller and rolled back and forth in place for about 5 minutes.  It was an amusing meal because both of us mamas were doing one-handed eating while taking care of our little ones.  How quickly we adapt!

Overall, today was a complete success!  Next Monday is my first Mommy & me class, and I’m looking forward to it and also glad that I got over the hump of going out with Lucy today.  Now she is zonked out after all the excitement!