The Big 33

12 Jan

My birthday 30 years ago!

Today I’d been thinking of doing sort of a birthday retrospective of notable birthday celebrations over the years.  But instead today ended up being a lovely day in its own right, without the need to  reflect at length on years past.  I did some online clothes shopping (including a fun new dress, yay!) while Lucy napped, then my parents came over with lunch and we enjoyed some time with Lucy and took a neighborhood walk.  (Day 2 of resolutions, check!)  Now Lucy is (theoretically) napping again and I’m doing a quick bloggity blog before Hubs gets home.

After debating what to do for my birthday evening, I ended up deciding on a halfway position — staying in with Hubs and Lucy, but also having a few girlfriends over and ordering from Pizzeria Mozza (for any non-Angelenos, a fancy and super yummy pizza joint).  Then tomorrow my parents are coming over to dinner to celebrate my birthday and my mom’s birthday (which is on the 17th and therefore has basically been upstaged the past 33 years.  Sorry Mom!)  On Sunday morning I’m having breakfast with a couple of my law school girlfriends and their families and my friend T. and her husband are making her to-die-for waffles.  Then on Sunday afternoon, while Hubs goes to the movies and my parents watch Lucy, I’m getting a massage at a place around the corner that I’ve been dying to try.  All in all, I am spending my birthday weekend in the ideal way and I am happy as a clam!

Tomorrow, dear readers, back to my normal blogging self…but today this birthday girl is going to indulge in a nap of her own!


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